An Opportunity to Help Families in Need in Laconia Community

Sometimes people need a little help, and Hope Ministries would like to donate personal-sized toiletries, drinks, food, first aid, and gift cards to provide a hand up for those struggling.  “People Helping People” will manage the donations by sorting what is received then filling the backpacks. 

The “Survival” Backpacks will help those with financial problems who need gas money to get children to school, or doctors or mental health offices aiding struggling clients, or those released from the county jail, or those on the verge of becoming homeless or losing their job.  Referrals can come from doctors, mental health professionals, social workers and hospitals.   The network is very large and very confidential. 

HOPE Ministries will Donate to a Local Drive for “Survival” Backpacks. Please HELP with any of the Items below, in August, to Donation Bin in the front of our church.  Cards will be collected from bin after every worship service

Needed items

 Bottled Water
 Instant Coffee Packets
 Tea Bags
 Energy Drink
 Juice Cans or Boxes

 Beef Jerky
 Dried Fruit
 Granola Bars
 Instant Oatmeal Packets
 Protein Powder Packets


 Medium to Large Backpacks
 Multi-purpose Wipes
 Compact First-Aid Kit
 Heat Pack
 Socks (Male and female)
 Dental Floss
 Compact First-Aid Kit

 Chapstick
 Facial Wipes
 Moisturizer
 Comb
 Toothbrush
 Toothpaste
 Q-Tips
 Deodorant
 Shampoo
 Conditioner
 Razors and Shaving Cream
 Sanitary Napkins
 Facial Tissues

 Pre-paid Phone card
 Walmart Gift Card
 Vista Gift Card (store)