First Aid for mental Health

First Aid for Mental Health – See the world through the eyes of others

Virtual training – at your convenience

Two sixty-minute sessions.

First Aid for Mental Health erases the stigma surrounding mental health and enforces the idea that it’s OK, not to be OK. It also teaches attendees how to accept their own mental health struggles without embarrassment or shame.

First Aid for Mental Health is for EVERYONE. The skills acquired can be applied to many situations, including home, social and professional environments.

Session 1 - The Basics
Duration: 60 minutes

The first session teaches the foundational concepts of mental health, the ability to identify when you or someone else may have mental health needs that require assistance and the skills to start a conversation and get them the help they need. Session 1 includes topics on:

  •          Current mental health challenges and statistics
  •          Influences, stress, vulnerability and self-awareness
  •          Stigma, discrimination and promoting inclusion
  •          Identifying and coping with stress; exploring our own ‘stress signatures’
  •          First Aid for Mental Health: principles to approaching and helping others

Slides from Session 1

Video Session 1

Bonus Q & A - Session 1

Session 2 – A Deeper Dive
Duration: 60 minutes

The second session dives deeper into external influences, stress, vulnerability and ways in which our thoughts, feelings and be

haviors are impacted every day. It provides practical methods for how to manage ourselves and others in crisis. Session 2 topics include:

  •          Personal resilience and staying well
  •          Understanding ways in which we can become unwell
  •          An introduction to depression, substance abuse, anxiety and self-harm—risk factors and First Aid for Mental Health interventions
  •          Suicide and First Aid for Mental Health for suicidal crisis
  •          Connecting with others, active listening and understanding common personal barriers to having an effective conversation

Slides for Session 2

Video Session 2